In an atmosphere of general thirst for someone calling something, I’ll call some stuff.

In my experience and current judgment:

The best non-inert art is the musical Hamilton

The best place in the San Francisco Bay Area is the Essex Hot Tub, and the best place near it is Bodega Bay

The best undergraduate degree to wish you had done is computer science

The best non-committal snack is Mewe snickerdoodle peanut butter.

The best committal snack is Jonny Pop’s chocolate dipped cherries ice cream bar

The best YouTube videos to watch while you eat Jonny Pops are 3Blue1Brown’s series on linear algebra

The best thing about elaborate covid facial getup aside from not getting covid is that nobody can see you crying, which means you can expand your casual Hamilton-listening all the way through the second half.

The best underwear is boody and the best work trousers are BetaBrand dresspant yoga pants

The best morning routine component ignoring costs is a tight race between doing something you have never done before, dancing on a rug outside, and acquiring coffee, won by the first.

The most beautiful thing is everything, in the right frame of mind.

The best color is orangey green

The best person to be argued with by is Robin Hanson.

The best mode of transit is the bicycle, with the train close behind.

The best tourist experience is the do-it-yourself Leo Szilard themed tour of Budapest.

The best Twitter presence is Lin Manuel Miranda’s.

The best common time is 7:50pm, and the best rare time is 4:55am.