Our christmas tree

Dear Daddy,

Merry Christmas! I got you a list of things on the internet I thought you might find interesting. No obligation to look at them. (Many things I’ve enjoyed lately are old or about history, so there’s a good chance that you have seen them or seen much better things, but oh well.)

Lots of love from Katja oxo


(Picture: our Christmas tree)



  1. AI dungeon: a text adventure written by AI in response to your responses

  2. AI can also generate coherent completions of photographs (See examples under ‘Completions’)

  3. A lecture about the Bronze Age collapse (I enjoyed this, though your historical understanding being thousands of times greater than mine might make it less good for you)

  4. Slave voyages: a memorial in the form of a database of 36,000 specific slaving expeditions that took place between 1514 and 1866. Perhaps most easily appreciated in the form of this timelapse of the journeys (note that you can click on any dot and see the details of the ship and captives). I’m pretty impressed at them finding this much data.

  5. On the shortness of life (I enjoyed this, though don’t necessarily agree)

  6. How to live for much longer in expectation

  7. The isles of Greece

  8. The tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is pretty cool looking:

roman_logov_f5QWC1a3tOA_unsplash denis_harschi_A4o2W_MgQEM_unsplash alex_azabache_9ZChTzDtCww_unsplash_(1) nick_fewings_4PDWwUD6g_4_unsplash cem_ersozlu_HX16IHCPlO4_unsplash ben_koorengevel_yoksEYoQUD4_unsplash jake_de_bique_o_Ye4KHFaSY_unsplash zheni_yaneva_ZLVY4YuMT48_unsplash thomas_drouault_3dGU4xziUAM_unsplash