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Dear Brothers,

Happy Christmas! I made you a list of things you might like on the internet. I won’t tell you which of you any was intended for, so feel especially free to skip any that don’t look interesting.

Love, Katja


(Picture: nearing Christmas in New York 2017)




George Saunders: The incredible Buddha boy, The New Mecca

Archive of 3495 Peter Dombrovskis photographs

Nice buildings that are mostly mosques (click the x when it misleadingly says that you need to log in to see more)

Opulent Joy: my friend’s art blog

Unsong: one of my favorite books that I haven’t finished reading.

How to do what you love: Paul Graham has some other good essays too

AI dungeon: have cutting edge AI write you a story

The oldest video: strange

It’s as simple as one, two, three

3Blue1Brown, e.g. The unexpectedly hard windmill question or the first of a 15 part series on linear algebra, if you are in for something more involved

Extensive Mandlebrot set

Rent a real goat for your video calls

The (Mormon) Tabernacle Choir

Universal love, said the cactus person

The guns falling silent at the end of WWI, reconstructed into sound from ‘sound ranging’ equipment that translated sounds onto visual film at the time.

Very impressive patty cake a cappella (and more: 3D pretty a cappella patty cake)

AI fills in a cat/house/etc if you draw the outline. I thought these buildings were pretty good:

eg1 eg2

Hamilton (the musical)

How to live for much longer in expectation