I realized it was hard to peruse past Worldly Positions posts without logging in to Tumblr, which seemed pretty bad. So I followed Substack’s instructions to import the archives into world spirit sock stack. And it worked pretty well, except that SUBSTACK ALSO PUBLISHED MY UNPUBLISHED WORLDLY POSITIONS DRAFTS! What on Earth? That’s so bad. Did I misunderstand what happened somehow in my rush to unpublish them? Maybe. But they definitely had ‘unpublish’ buttons, so that’s pretty incriminating.

This seems to have turned out alright for me, since it looks like I just never wrote any drafts that would be too embarrassing to anyone other than myself. And the most embarrassing to myself are probably at the level of bad and abortive poetry. Plus it turned up a few decent drafts to finish, and the adrenaline was a welcome pick-me-up in my current retreat-driven stimulation drought.

Some good bits of the archive (from pre-WSSP times) according to me:

  1. Mine-craft: the composition of the ego in a procedurally generated sandbox game
  2. The time I rented a robot baby
  3. Why fiction is more horrifying than war photography
  4. Home: up and down, colder and warmer: miscellanious thoughts on e.g. warmth and coldness, the sincerity of historic advertising, and why negativity is deep
  5. How I learned to have fun on command though I rarely remember to do it
  6. England: Attunement and borders, in which I get possible attunement, companionship, and a visa